If It's Important to You, It's Important to Me

Issues I Believe We All Can Agree On - Let's Add Yours


1.   Border and Cartels - We got Bin Laden; we can force Mexico to cooperate in seeking and destroying Cartels

2.   Child sex slavery and trafficking is a zero-tolerance crime - Harshest penalties allowed by law - Death or no parole

3.   Right to know the truth. End slander and libel - Misleading the public by media and politicians should be a crime

4.   Strong support for law enforcement 

5.   Promotion by merit, not diversity in all military branches

5.   End tax dollar squandering - America's $34 trillion deficit means every American is $99.000 in debt

6.   More efficient and responsible government bureaus - Ombudsmen to cut through the red tape

7.   End government overreach and reduce size of government

8.   Term limits: Senators - two terms or 12 years and Representatives - 6 terms or 12 years

9.   Voting rights - Americans only - One American one vote with Bar Coded Voter Cards

10. Moderate abortion policy 

11. Legalize and decriminalize Marijuana - It's a victimless crime and safer than cigarettes and alcohol

12. End criminalization of victimless crimes

13. Ban hormone replacement for anyone under 18 years old

14. Ban sex education for K - 6th grade

15. Company providing goods or services for payment must provide phone customer service - No chat only

16. Hold DOJ / FBI management accountable for biased weaponization

17. Work towards returning America to a sane center

18. Require the education of Civics, American history and American studies

19. Work towards affordable home ownership for the middle class

20. Hold social media management responsible for violations of the 1st Amendment