Resume - Edward Goldfarb

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"I, Edward Joel Goldfarb, having been appointed an officer in the Navy of the United States, in the grade of Ensign do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and bare true faith and allegiance to the same. So, help me God." This is the Oath I took when I received my commission as a Naval Officer. There is no expiration date on this Oath and I will take it to my grave. Everyone in Congress took a similar Oath. Unfortunately, it appears many must think there is an expiration date or it doesn't apply to them.

My unparalleled accomplishments coupled with life experiences as a Navy Fighter Pilot, Deputy Sheriff, Fortune Corporation Department Head and Business Owner not only make me a formidable candidate, but also provide me with Strong Negotiation and Problem-Solving skills that have been beneficial in working towards Win-Win solutions.
My personality will not allow me to be intimidated or compromised. My love for OUR COUNTRY will not allow me to be bought or sold. I will never SELL OUT my fellow Americans or OUR COUNTRY!

Negotiations                                                          Problem Solving                                                  Strategic Planning
Out of Box Thinking
Public Speaking
Open Flexible - Adaptable

11/1965 to 10/1971 FIGHTER PILOT - LIEUTENANT, U.S. NAVY
United States Navy | Jacksonville, FL
My primary duty was as a Naval Aviator and my collateral duties were as a squadron
division officer, which included leadership, administration and accountability for
personnel in my departments. The departments I was responsible for were the Aircraft
Division, composed of five separate departments and 40 highly skilled and talented
personnel and the Line Division composed of 20 personnel, responsible for assisting
pilots and maintaining squadron aircraft. Flight duties were as a pilot of the A-4 Skyhawk,                 
a single seat jet fighter-bomber serving onboard the USS Forrestal, an attack aircraft carrier.                      In the Navy reserve, pilot-in-command of the S-2 Tracker, a carrier based anti-submarine                        warfare platform. Double Centurion award, 200 landings on the Forrestal. Top secret restricted data clearance, as additional duties included nuclear weapons loading officer and nuclear weapons delivery pilot.


03/1971 to 03/1973 DEPUTY SHERIFF
Dade County Public Safety Department | Miami - Dade County, Florida
Trained in criminal, civil and traffic law, patrolled cities throughout Miami-Dade. Received commendations for attempted lifesaving of a person whose car crashed and went to the bottom of a deep Opa-Locka canal and apprehending five wanted armed and dangerous felons.
Administered first aid when first on the scene of accidents and / or assigned to a call where the person was in a medical emergency situation. 


Jewel - SuperValu Stores - Food Fair (Assistant) | Chicago, IL
Responsible for creating, implementing and adhering to a multi-million dollar
advertising and promotional budget. Acted autonomously in interviewing and buying millions of dollars in promotion
merchandise for stimulating additional sales in our retail stores. Created, produced many television, radio, outdoor and print advertising campaigns and
special sales events for our retail stores. Responsible for creating advertising, brochures, graphics and decorations, including music and professional entertainment for our bi annual themed trade shows.

AutoZone | Memphis, TN
Generated AutoZone's annual advertising and sales promotion budget and was.responsible for all departmental functions. Honored to lead an advertising team of 25 highly motivated and talented colleagues, encompassing specialists in all aspects of advertising and promotion, including
creative, effective campaigns produced for print, radio, television, point of sale and subsequent media placement and buying.
Attended trade shows with merchandisers. Interfaced with celebrities, suppliers,
reviewed new products..Coordinated NASCAR racing program with car sponsors, team owners and drivers.

10/89 - CURRENT REALTOR - RE/MAX All Stars - Various | Hollywood, FL

Inducted into the REMAX Hall of Fame in 1998 and recipient of the REMAX Lifetime
Achievement Award in 2006. Goldfarb, Fernandez and Partners have been together over 27 years and boasts not a single complaint and all five-star reviews. For our buyer clients, our extensive experience assures of negotiating the lowest price,
most favorable terms and a seamless, mistake free closing.

09/1963 - 08/1965 and 09/1973 - 08/1975 - Bachelor of Arts
University of Miami and Florida State University Respectively

11/1965 - 06/1967 Naval Aviator | Aeronautics
United States Naval Flight School Command, Pensacola, FL