Goldfarb Is Wasserman-Schultz's First Formidable Opponent


The Oath of a Naval Officer:

"I, Edward Joel Goldfarb, having been appointed an officer in the Navy of the United States, in the grade of Ensign do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and bare true faith and allegiance to the same. So, help me God."

This is the Oath I took when I received my commission as a Naval Officer. There is no expiration date on this Oath and I will take it to my grave. Everyone in Congress took a similar Oath. Unfortunately, it appears many must think there is an expiration date or it doesn't apply to them.

Running as a moderate conservative with a good amount of common sense and street smarts.

"I'm disgusted with both parties. I am a Republican on the cusp of Independent with Libertarian ideology. The Democrats have cloned into left-wing radicals by condoning, aiding and abetting a President that is doing everything possible to destroy America and the middle-class. The Republicans are in such chaos they can't pass a pack of gum through Congress.

I strongly believe and view our Constitution as a living and perpetual document that has been the guiding light that has made America a great Republic. Furthermore, I'm witnessing the entire body of the Democratic Congressional members and Biden failing to uphold their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution. They must believe it has an expiration date, it doesn't apply to them or they have flat out forsaken and abandoned the Constitution. As a Constitution Independent, I will push to recenter the Washington insanity and follow and adhere to the Constitution."

Like you, I am fed-up with the infighting and insanity in Washington. "I vehemently believe we must get back to running America of, for and by the people as per the Preamble of the Constitution. The road back to center starts with one patriotic candidate at a time." My qualifications are unparalleled couple with my honor, integrity, and accountability. I pledge to help bring about positive change and center "OUR" America.

My character will not allow me to be intimidated, bought-off, sold or compromised. I'm is a tried, and proven formidable negotiator coupled with the ability to solve complex problems with common sense, street smarts, I will always seek a fair and equitable compromise and a Win-Win solution.

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My Sworn Mission

My opponent and incumbent Debbie Wassermann-Schultz has always been a career politician with no real job, no business or real-life experiences. Right out of the University of Florida she moved into the political arena. How could she empathize with the middle-class if she never had to struggle financially and never walked in our shoes.

In contrast, I've had more than my share of tough times and good times. I know what financial hardship is like, the pain of losing everything and being broke. I know how easily dreams can be shattered. I know how to put the bad times behind me and work with persistence and work harder to come back wiser, bigger and stronger. I know, regardless of how bad things are today, tomorrow will be a brighter and better day. 

Dirty hands, those that we give our trust to represent us in Washington should be held to the highest of standards. Our faith, trust and confidence in them must be unimpeachable. With absolute certainty we can't say that of Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. She has "Dirty Hands." Besides never having "real life" experience, she's never had the responsibility of a real job. Other than the trauma of cancer, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz has lived a charming and wonderful life. How can someone empathize with us if she has never had to walk in our shoes?

Ms. Wasserman -Schultz unethical behavior has verifiably disgraced her office and she was forced to resign as Chair of the DNC, Click on the above headline, "Low Standards of Ethics in Congress." Her behavior was so egregious, she was forced to resign as DNC Chair! There you will also see other highly questionable examples of her unethical behavior.

80/20 is a universal rule, we can't within this space address all the many problems in America but if we follow the rule that 20% of what is done solves 80% of the problems. 

1. Child sex slavery and trafficking breaks Eddie's heart and frustration because as citizen he could only sit back and witness one of the most horrific crimes imaginable.

2. Biden and his cohorts seem to have a very blind eye to late term abortion, human and drug smuggling, and the need for a sane abortion policy. "We got Bin Laden we can force Mexico to join us in annihilating the cartels. 

3. First Amendment when it comes to Politicians and the media, "We must demand truth and honesty from both politicians and the media. Slander, libel, deliberate lying, misrepresentation, omissions, half-truths must no longer be tolerated and I will have an unwavering commitment to the truth and honesty in politics and the media."  His commitment to honesty makes him a breath of fresh air in the current political climate.


Unparalleled Qualifications

With a background as a Naval Officer and Fighter Pilot, Deputy Sheriff, Fortune Corporation Senior Managment, and successful business owner, I am able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by our country. My dedication to education and literacy further showcased by my commitment to positively impacting the younger generation.

You can aupport my campaign by spreading the word, volunteering. Please ontacting me for more information at 954-605-8427. Donations $1 to no more than $100 used for social media advertising: